Fox & Hounds

and Library


Youngsters, plus Dennis, enjoying the children's section of the library
Jim considers a Lee Child novel
The Fox & Hounds c1906
Liz serving the customers on a busy Friday evening

Some things are different at the Fox & Hounds:

We hope these differences are just temporary but we have to change the way we operate to ensure we are doing everything legally and essentially we want to ensure your experience back with us is safe and comfortable.

The big difference is the BOOKING SYSTEM. Government says people are not allowed to stand at the bar or order drinks at the bar, so you must have a seat. To ensure this can happen safely we ask that you book ahead of your visit, to ensure there is a table. You must do this even if you don’t intend to eat, you must book to drink too!

We have 19 bookable tables (inside and out) which can be booked at 1 hour intervals, but of course you can book for more than one hour.

Vertical drinking (this is Government language, not ours!!) is allowed outside but you must ensure you observe 1mt+ distancing at all times and you are still not allowed to drink at the bar.

We also have to help government with its TRACK AND TRACE. This means when you come into the pub you will need to log your details with us. PALMERS has an excellent facility on its website which we will be using and I will issue links for this ASAP. It will take seconds to do and should not be an inconvenience.

We really hope all these rules are temporary but whilst they are in place we ask that you work with us and help us through a really tricky time. Its all new to us and we are learning, so please be patient.

The link to the Palmers TRACK AND TRACE facility is here and it is actually really good.  QRCodes will be provided in the pub for people to use with smart phones but Liz plans to have her MAC on the bar to log people in who don’t have this facility.


Did we hear a rumour about a new outside bar?

Yes!!! What we want more that anything is to ensure your pub environment is a safe one for everyone to enjoy. This is our number one concern. We are currently investing time and energy into developing a new outside bar which we hope people will feel comfortable using, we anticipate this will be run alongside the main inside bar and that by having the two facilities we can ensure customers are well spaced out.

Hope to see you soon,

Scott and Liz



Originally a medieval longhouse, the Fox and Hounds is a rustic 17th Century Inn, situated in the heart of Cattistock. The ancient beams, large inglenook fireplace and little window seats add to the charm and character.

We aim to serve our local community in the best way possible. Our staff, coupled with the traditional atmosphere give a warm welcome to visitors and tourists alike all year round.

We serve delicious home cooked meals, real local ales, a selection of ciders, and a choice of wines.

We welcome all groups, including coach parties, walkers, cyclists, skittles teas, bell ringers, folk music to name but a few.

We have 3 lovely letting rooms making us an ideal choice for a last minute weekend break, or a great base for a more extended stay allowing you to explore Dorset.

We are an excellent choice for families due to being situated directly opposite an amazing play park, allowing parents to relax on the front terrace whilst children play.

We are a dog friendly pub. There is free wifi, and a car park to the rear.

We look forward to welcoming you to our lovely village and our special pub.

Food is served: 12 noon – 2pm Tuesday – Sunday

7pm – 9pm Monday – Sunday

Bar open until 11pm.

Contact: Liz or Scott Flight

Fox and Hounds Pub

Duck Street,



Tel: 01300 320444




Oak Room library

Thanks to the generous support of Scott and Liz a new section of the Cattistock Community library has been opened in the Oak Room of the Fox and Hounds.

The books are displayed in two sets of newly painted and labeled bookshelves, which blend in with the very pleasant setting provided by the Oak Room. A third set of bookshelves is also being prepared. There is plenty of seating to use when considering which books to borrow, along with the required sanatising gel.

The current range of subject categories consist of Novels, Children’s books, Non-fiction and Local interest books. All borrowing is free and there is no time limit involved for the books, but do please consider other users and take only one or two books at a time.

We hope you continue to enjoy using the Community Library and do please let us know if you have any good quality books that you would like to donate to the library. Please contact Peter Farmer (320965), Simon Goodall (32070) or Chris Bond (07812 544242) to collect your books. Please do not leave any books at the Fox and Hounds.

Many thanks and happy reading.

A stacked Burger and Chips, with a pint of Cider alongside
A traditional plate of Fish, Chips and Peas
Donna adds the finishing touch to a plate of pie and mash
Donna completes a plate of Steak and Chips, ready to serve
Donna and Jack plating up dishes of Lamb shank and home made pie
Ed, the organiser of the Cattistock Flower Show, completes cards for the Prize Winners
A very tall Phil presents the Trophy, including its base, to Dave for Best Flowers
Phil presents Eric with the Best Vegetables Trophy, this year shared with Tim
 Liz receives this year's Flower Show Photography Trophy
Plenty of tomatoes entered in the 2019 Cattistock Flower Show
Phil and Patrick, enthusiastic tasters of the home made wines
A few of the many entries for the 2019 Cattistock Flower Show
 Neil delivers a box of produce and Marcus admires the huge onion
Phil in the process of persuading a customer they can improve their bid
The Children's Class for the 2019 Cattistock Flower Show
A great evening watching Morris dancers outside the Fox & Hounds
Wessex Morris Men outside the Fox & Hounds
A group of Morris dancers prepare for the next dance
Eric pulling a pint
Local customers park their horses