Cricket Club

Tim preparing to drive the ball
A quicker ball and Tim loses his wicket
A quick run and Brad is well in

There has been a Cricket Club in Cattistock since before the wars. All that time the playing field has always been kept in superb condition, with all the work being done then at it is now, by the club’s willing supporters from across the village. And, through local funding, in the 1980’s the original pavilion was replaced with the existing building.

As well as always being a very friendly club to join, the Cattistock Cricket teams have been very successful over the years. They have won the Regional village trophy a few times, as well as the Dorset League and KO Cup.

Throughout the winter months the players maintain their good form with net practice, which this year is being held at Perrott Hill School, Crewkerne.

So, if you feel like watching some good cricket, in a beautiful setting, or maybe trying hand with bat or ball, why not contact the club and get some details, they would delighted to hear from you.

Cattistock is part of the Cattistock and Symene [Symondsbury] Cricket Club.

Local members of the Cattistock and Symene CC Committee are: Steve Tucker, John Swatridge and Richard Langford.

Please contact Richard Langford on 01300 320768

The view Richard has from the scoreboard hut
 Brad driving a ball through the on side
A home side wicket goes as Liam is bowled
Taking the opportunity for a quick run and Eric just makes it in
But this time Eric is not so lucky and is bowled
Brad opens the bowling for the Cattistock and Symene side
Ethan opens from the Church end
The ball is just too high for a home catch
Ollie bowling from the Church end
Brad Mulling takes over the bowling from the captain Brad
Eric stops a four and prepares for his throw to the keeper
The wicketkeeper Leo takes the ball, watched by Ben, Jason and Nigel
Behind the scenes, Buddy mowing the outfield
Behind the scenes, John prepares the wicket for the next match