Just some some of the hundreds of books available to the library
Willing hands moving the library from its previous home in the Fox and Hounds, to the Savill Hall: Neil, Patrick and Wayne

The Cattistock Community Library


The Community Library is now available in the inner porch of the Savill Hall.

  • The library is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, between 10.00am and 6.00pm.
  • Books are classified in categories by author.
  • It would be very helpful if returned books could be placed in the returns box.
  • The library has good lighting and seating.

The library includes a wide range of classic and contemporary novels, plus children’s books and some non-fiction topics, such as local interest and cookery.

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding either library’s range of books available, please do not hesitate to contact either Sue Orr (321087) or Mary Tucker (321522)


Should you have any good quality books to donate (only books please), do contact either Sue, Mary, Simon Goodall (07803 706098) or Brendan Hampshire (07492 862952).

The Community Library team appreciates all the positive support it receives from the Fete and Savill Hall committees.

Happy reading.

Mary and Sue refreshing the books in the community library
The Community Library is open during the above days and times.