The Cattistock Fete c1908 and a carousel is the great attraction
The morning of the Fete and all hands on deck to prepare the stalls
Chris fires up the BBQs to get it ready for hungry customers
1.00pm and the gates are open for the 2021 Cattistock Fete


The Fete has been a central part of village life since records began and very little had changed for many years.  Today the fete remains an important part of village life but with a modern twist.   In recent years the fete has been more locally known as “The Fete Week” due to a number of special events held during the week leading up to fete day.   

2021: This year the Fete will be on Sunday 22nd August between 1.00pm and 4.00pm in the Village Playground.    This year we will be running a reduced schedule in the week leading up to the fete day due to the current COVID situation, but we will have a Quiz Night, a Boules Competition run over 2 days, a Treasure Hunt & The Village Photo Quiz



Events such as Cattistock’s Got Talent, the Children’s Tea Party, Boules, a Treasure Hunt, a Community Lunch, a Quiz, the Bingo, and a Jumble Sale.

Another busy year for Simon on his tombola
Sheila and Gill, on their way to selling all the plants by the end of the day
Ann and Jenny selling a delicious range of cakes
Edna and Mary's Fete draw is as popular as ever
With Dad's help a youngster tries his hand at the tennis game
Busy all afternoon, yet again the Bouncy Castle is a great hit with the children

On the Day:

Things like the Silent Auction, the Craft Fair, a Bungy and Bouncy Castle, a band and Barbecue, Raffle, Knob Throwing Games, Book Stall and much much more 

Mary and Sue enjoying their first year selling books at the bookstall
Customers, including local MP Chris Loder, enjoy browsing the many books on sale
A young visitor to Peter's golf game is determined to hole that ball
A great throw at Dave's coconut shy
A shattering throw by a young man at Sean's stall
Jacqueline sells a walking stick to Herbie
All children at heart, Phil and Ian get almost as much fun from the Scalextric as the customers
As usual, Neil and Roma attract a steady stream of visitors to their Find the Key stall
Phil, helping visitors with his running commentary of the Fete's highlights
Peter's second stall, the ever popular Splat the Rat challenge
On a hot afternoon, Monique's ice creams are just what is needed
Dad shows his son how to do it on the bungee run
Linda and Barbara helping visitors in the extremely popular Silent Auction
Bill and Bambi make a bid for one of the lots
Barbara's Silent Auction and the 3.30pm deadline making a bid is getting close
A hot afternoon at a village Fete is just what people have been waiting for
Hundreds of visitors had a super day visiting all the stalls
Helen and Rory find a bit of shade for a rest, just before the Fete ends - another great success for Wayne and the Fete committee

The Cattistock Fete’s boules competition

Terry sees an opportunity to get nearest the jack (aka the cochonnet)
And John follows with an excellent throw
 Ian about to throw from the Church end
Linda as competitive as ever and enjoying a close game
Sean taking the whole competition far too seriously
Monique, the first of the Dutch sisters, makes a good throw
And Monique's sister Ellen's throw shows that Boules is regularly played in Holland
Simon puts in an extra effort to reach a well placed jack
Roger enjoying the competition
An underhand throw from Jacqueline gets very close to the jack
Cathy visualises where the ball will land
'Yes, it was a very good throw, but let's put it back where it landed'
Peter throws and the good humour of the whole competiton continues
The Umpire has ruled against him, so Peter casts a spell
And Viv makes yet another nonchalent throw that lands right next to the jack
Has anyone told Helen and Rory not to believe a word that Neil says?
Liz through the lens: Sean's ready for another pint
Liz through the lens: Ellen and Monique take time out for a swing
Liz through the lens Peter and Terry just enjoying a pint and the boules competition
Liz through the lens: Simon is obviously happy with the whole evening
Liz through the lens: And Steve drops in to cheer on the contestants
Liz through the lens: Esme, Cleo, Ed, Dennis and Celine watch the games as the Umpire grabs a welcome forty winks
Liz through the lens: and Phil is happy how the boules competition is going - but supper at the Fox & Hounds is calling
Liz through the lens: John has the final next, so a drop of beer helps the pre-match nerves
Liz through the lens: It's the final and Wayne makes absolutely sure that results are correct
The final end and the two umpires measure the results
The highly successful 2021 boules competion has been completed and the winners are Viv and John

What Fete funds have helped with:

Though the Fete Committee agreed that a major percentage of its funds should be donated to the Cattistock Community Fund (CCF) so that it was more widely available for village use; the committee also agreed there would be an amount of money set aside to come back to the villagers more immediately for special village projects such as…..

  • The Street Lamp Story.  (2018 – 2019)
    • To refurbish and reinstate the old village lamp that used to stand in the Square many years ago.  Go HERE for the full story.
  • The Telephone Box (2017 – 2020)
    • Reinstatement of the old red telephone box outside the Fox & Hounds. The original telephone box has been purchased from fete funds and houses the defibrillator (itself paid for by the Knob Fest).  Go HERE to see how much work the volunteers put into this project. 
  • The Christmas Tree (every year):
    • A large Christmas Tree is placed outside the village hall each year, suitably dressed with lights funded by the CCF. Go to the Village Hall page HERE for some great images. 
  • The Library (2016 – today)
    • Funds allocated for the purchase of shelving for bookcases for various locations around the Village.  The library currently resides in the Fox and Hounds Oak Room and a team of volunteers ensure it is kept refreshed.   Go to the Fox and Hounds page HERE for the latest update on the Library.

Email: Wayne Briggs or phone 01300 321525.