The Cattistock Fete c1908 and a carousel is the great attraction


The Fete has been a central part of village life since records began and very little had changed for many years.  Today the fete remains an important part of village life but with a modern twist.   In recent years the fete has been more locally known as “The Fete Week” due to a number of special events held during the week leading up to fete day.   



Events such as Putting on the Glitz, Line Dancing, the Children’s Tea Party, Boules, Kurling, a Treasure Hunt, and a Quiz.

On the Day:

Things like the Silent Auction, the Craft Fair, a Bungy and Bouncy Castle, a Barbecue, Raffle, Knob Throwing Games, Book Stall and much much more 

The Cattistock Fete’s boules competition

The Cattistock Fete’s ‘Putting on the Glitz’

What Fete funds have helped with:

The Fete Committee agreed that a major percentage of its funds should be donated to the Cattistock Community Fund (CCF) so that it was more widely available for village use; the committee also agreed there would be an amount of money set aside to come back to the villagers more immediately for special village projects such as…..

  • The Street Lamp Story.  (2018 – 2019)
    • To refurbish and reinstate the old village lamp that used to stand in the Square many years ago.  Go HERE for the full story.
  • The Telephone Box (2017 – 2020)
    • Reinstatement of the old red telephone box outside the Fox & Hounds. The original telephone box has been purchased from fete funds and houses the defibrillator (itself paid for by the Knob Fest).   
  • The Christmas Tree (every year):
    • A large Christmas Tree is placed outside the village hall each year, suitably dressed with lights funded by the CCF. Go to the Village Hall page HERE for some great images. 
  • The Library (2016 – today)
    • Funds allocated for the purchase of shelving for bookcases for various locations around the Village.  The library currently resides in the Savill Hall and a team of volunteers ensure it is kept refreshed.   For more information on the Library, go HERE

Local members of the Cattistock Fete Committee are: Wayne Briggs, Jacqueline Briggs, Barbara Evans, Simon Goodall, Peter Hunt,  Phil Telling, Monique Taylor, Terry White. 

Email: Wayne Briggs or phone 01300 321525.