Viv, Barbara and Linda enjoying the Cattistock countryside
Planning a walk

In Cattistock we’re lucky enough to have fantastic greenspaces for Walking and some of the South West’s most beautiful countryside on our doorstep. Our open spaces are full of life.

There are loads of health benefits to be had when walking, even as little as a 10-20 minute walk a day can make a difference. If going for a walk leads us to spend time in green and natural places, the benefits can be even greater. Adding a brisk pace to your step can help you feel good, reduce anxiety, help manage your weight, reduce blood pressure and help you sleep better.

Across Dorset we have almost 3,000 miles of public rights of way, 4,700 footpaths, 1,700 bridleways and 37 byways to walk along – all with fantastic greenspaces. For more information Dorset Explorer provides a range of information, including Dorset’s public rights of way.

Want to walk with others in the Village? Dorset Health Walks has a walking group that walks from Cattistock and can also help you find walking groups in the area and across Dorset to help you explore the county with others.   Also look out for the Village Information Board showing walks around the village, found in front of our Village Hall (Savill Hall).

Want to find walks near Cattistock?  The Frome Valley Trail starts at Evershot, passes through Chilfrome and onto Maiden Newton and from there onto Dorchester.  The Wessex Ridgeway takes in stunning views of the Blackmore and Marshwood Vales.

Interested in some secret lost footpaths?  If you are a member of the Ramblers, have a look at one of their campaigns ‘Don’t lose your way’. You can find some lost footpaths in our local area by searching for ‘Cattistock’ here.

A few steps in the right direction can make all the difference, who knows where walking can take you?

Visitors enjoying a local walk