Have you ever wanted to sing in a choir or wanted to get back into singing but:

  •  You don’t feel you have the time?
  •  You don’t feel you have the money?

Now is your chance!

The Melbury Team choir is a friendly and enthusiastic group of men and women of all ages and abilities from many parishes across the team.

Attendance/membership of the choir is free of charge and no audition is required
We normally sing at Easter and Christmas, occasional team services and at weddings on request, but there is absolutely no obligation to attend any of these events if you are not able to.

 We sing, for the most part, sacred music from printed scores, but please do feel free to come along even if you only have limited music reading ability.


 It is really a very small-time commitment and a lot of fun.

We normally meet at 6.30-7.30pm on a Friday at St Mary’s Church, Maiden Newton.

 For more information, please email Jen Muggleton or phone 01300 321472.


Nick accompanying the choir
Jen leading the choir during a practise evening