Dorset Knob Throwing

 A caricature captures the fun everyone has at Dorset Knob Throwing day

If you would like to know more about the origins of the Dorset Knob Throwing event, plus the financial benefits it has brought to Cattistock, please read the following article


It’s crazy, it’s zany, it’s growing like Topsy and it was invented here in Cattistock.

It’s Dorset Knob Throwing!

The first Dorset Knob Throwing took place behind the Fox and Hounds in Cattistock. So next year we did it again with a bit of grub thrown in. Then it got too big for behind the pub so we moved to the Cattistock village play area. The date was fixed as the first Sunday in May. By this time the food element was expanding fast and you would be amazed at the number of Knob games fertile minds can dream up! It grew and it grew – a move to the football pitch followed. It took on the grand title of The Dorset Knob Throwing and Frome Valley Food Festival. And still it grew with over 5,000 visitors in 2016 almost swamping our village.

At this time the event boasted 75 food, craft and general interest stalls, 2 bars, 3 bands, loads of gazebos and marquees all centred around the Knob Arena which featured no less than 14 Dorset Knob Games of which the most popular remains the original Dorset Knob Throwing. And, before you ask, the Dorset Knob Throwing World Record stands at 31.9m! This was set by James Vincent-Smith in 2019.

It’s now the fastest growing Food Festival in Dorset. It has moved to Kingston Maurward College just outside Dorchester but it’s still a Cattistock event, organised and manned by the village.

The 2019 KnobFest was a huge success with record numbers attending and reports could hardly have been more favourable. There were glitches – not least traffic management on public roads – and a lot of lessons were learned but for the 8,000+ visitors who made it to Kingston Maurward it was a great experience.

Over 100 people from the village and surrounds manned stalls, gates, Knob Games and carried out an array of other tasks to ensure the event ran well. Our visitors enjoyed the day in company with local and national media and even Children’s BBC was present. Knob Throwing will be the theme of a CBBC 2020 programme. Hopefully we will know in advance when it is to be aired.

Those 8,000 visitors enjoyed over 90 food and craft stalls, two main bars (one selling “Dorset Knob” Beer the other being a “pop-up” Fox & Hounds, 3 bands and plenty of informal entertainment. Financially it went very well with over £10,000 returning to the Village.

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The Knob Team:  Wayne Briggs, Sean Lavan, Patrick Nelson, Ian Vine. Contact any of them if you want to know more.


 Just some of the results of a fantastic day at the Knob Painting
 Dorset Knob Throwing is fun for everyone