Short Mat Bowls

Peter's turn to deliver the bowl at the jack
A successful delivery sends an opponent's bowl away from the jack

We are a group of approximately 20 like minded people, male and female. Our aim is for anyone who would like to play a friendly game of short mat bowls, to come along and join us. We are a very friendly group who do not take the game too seriously. We do however run an internal league for members who would like to join, but there is no pressure.

Guests are very welcome to join us, free of charge for the first three sessions.

Our members pay an annual fee of £10 plus a weekly sub of £2.

We have an annual Dinner, which takes place at the end of May.

Our AGM takes place in early September, when we have drinks and nibbles in the hall and again before our Christmas break.

We meet on Wednesday evenings in The Savill Hall from 7.30pm to 9.00pm.


President: Neil Bowerman – 01300 321163 email: Neil Bowerman
Treasurer: Rose Barker – 01300 321503  email: Rose Barker
Secretary: Ann Bowerman 01300 321163. email: Ann Bowerman

Mary sends a bowl on its way
A bowl hits the block, so a dead bowl
Pauline delivers a bowl from the stage end
Peter concentrating during a close end
Neil measures from the jack to a bowl
 Betty and Penny playing on Cattistock's two Rink Mats
Beth sends the final bowl of the end
Neil sends the bowl on its way