Manor Farm

The entrance to Manor Farm
The Manor Farm team: Roly, Tillie, Helen, Dan, Bertie and Matt (plus Os, the Spaniel)

Newman Farming Partnership

We are a family run farm based at Manor Farm, Cattistock in the heart of Dorset with family who have farmed in the area since the early 1600s.

Dan was born into the farming family, Dan and Helen Newman started their farming business together in 1992 and have since moved several times as the business developed. We moved to Manor Farm in July 2017, when the farm was purchased and our son Bertie joined the partnership. We also have a small fabulous young team with Matt working full time and a variety of part time/contract and seasonal help, including our daughter Tillie and nephew Roly when they are available.

We are passionate about farming and now care for 1700 acres of land split over several farms in West Dorset with the main/home farm in Cattistock.

There are several enterprises within the business which is primarily made up of 700 head of cattle, including a suckler herd and a flock of 850 ewes. We also farm crops including grass, lucerne, peas and barley as whole crop which in turn is used to feed the cattle. Quite a bit of machinery is required to feed and keep on top of the land management hence a small amount of contracting services are offered.

 Since Manor Farm was purchased, there is a constant strive to improve the infrastructure and efficiency whilst caring for personnel, livestock and the land.

Like many other industries, farming is a challenging one. We are hugely dependant on the weather, each month and year is different which makes it an interesting occupation to work in, after 400 years we have still not worked out how to control the seasons!

A wee note on Footpaths and Bridlepaths at Manor Farm

There are plenty of Maps and Apps which show footpaths and bridlepaths over our glorious County of Dorset.

The footpath through the farm is directly up the track over the cattle grid and through the cattle handling system (NOT through the buildings or along the new track to the right of the cattle grid). When you reach the far gate at the bottom of Middle Hill, the footpath turns left and leads you to the style out onto the Cattistock Road and the Bridlepath turns right leading you out to Lankham Bottom. There is also a footpath and bridlepath along from Kennel Lane and over the top of South Down out onto the Maiden Newton Road.

This is a working farm with plenty of hazards, for your own safety, please keep to the footpaths and bridlepath, dogs should be on leads at all times.

Herbal Leys: A field of Chicory, Plantain, Red Clover, Romark and White Clover
Herbal Leys: The long root of Ryegrass
Herbal Leys: The beautiful flower of the Chicory plant
Organic Status: Muck spreading provides the necessary fertiliser for the next crop
Bi cropping: Barley and Peas being sown
Bi cropping: Barley and Peas growing well
Bi cropping: Barley and Peas being gathered
Bi cropping: The Barley and Peas being stacked in the yard
Bi cropping: The transition from wrapped bales to the silage being clamped with a single sheet of plastic
Integrated Nutrient Management: Muck being readied for spreading on the fields
Integrated Nutrient Management: Measuring the resulting the growth of the grass
Holistic Grazing: Some of the Manor Farm fields subject to rotation
A Limousin Bull, used in the Manor Farm breeding plan
The result of the putting an Angus cow to the bull is a Limousine Angus calf
Some of the flock of Cheviot sheep
Hay being bailed
Barley being harvested
The harvested Barley being collected ready for storing
Agroforestry: Another hedge of Blackthorn, Dogwood, Hawthorne and Hazel being planted