Open Gardens

1.Sue and David: The Terrace border provides the initial welcome to this walled garden
1.Sue and David: A welcome rest for visitors on a hot day
1.Sue and David: The fountain in the Long border
2. Gill and Andy: A beautiful presentation for a House Name Plate
2. Gill and Andy: Little Bo and his owners enjoy a rest and a view of the garden
2. Gill and Andy: The South border includes a variety of flowers and attractions



Well what a weekend!! The sun shone, the crowds came and the gardens looked beautiful!


The Open Gardens committee would like to offer a huge thank you to everyone who got involved with the event, from

garden participants, Roma and her marvellous refreshments team, Merrily’s wonderful map and everyone who helped on

the plant stall, car park and raffle prize donations. We hope you enjoy the wonderful images of the day taken by our very

own photographer, Peter Farmer.


It was fantastic to welcome so many visitors to the village, many who were making their first trip to Open Gardens, we were

inundated with comments about how friendly our community is, and how stunning the gardens all were.


Thanks to your generosity we were able to raise an astonishing £3200 for Cattistock causes, including the PCC and

Community Fund, and ticket sales generated a whopping £2230 for the National Garden Scheme healthcare-based



Thank you all again,

Gill Wallace (Chair, Open Gardens Committee)


3. Julian and Jen: A blue shed makes an ideal background for a Rambling rose and a Clematis
3. Julian and Jen: All the gardens attracted a host of interested visitors
3. Julian and Jen: Yellow lillies and blue chairs make an inviting spot in the garden
4. Gill and Alistair: A wide display of flowers in the West border
4. Gill and Alistair: As in many gardens, visitors took the opportunity to sit and enjoy the layout of the plants
4. Gill and Alistair: A Gertrude Jekyll climbing rose decorates the garage wall
6. Jo: A striking welcome at the entrance to the garden
6. Jo: Backlit Foxgloves and a well placed urn in the background
6. Jo: Another urn on a winding path of this totally natural garden
7. Roma and Neil: Neil's shed provides the perfect background to Roma's Herb garden
7. Roma and Neil: The west facing courtyard border with its Poppies and Alliums
7. Roma and Neil: A busy Bee gets on with visiting the Poppies
8. Vanessa and Nick: An inviting view through the arches to the top of the garden
8. Vanessa and Nick: A rich range of plants in South facing border, along with a welcome rest area in the corner
8. Vanessa and Nick: The shaded pagoda area provides an enticing spot for a rest and a chat
9. Cathy and Phil: Clematis montana covers the garden's arch
9. Cathy and Phil: Having a welcome rest in a shady part of the garden
9. Cathy and Phil: Backlit Ferns and Aquiligia make a stunning view
10. Georgina: Herbs and flowers in the bordered entrance to the garden
10. Georgina: A Fire Pit, paper lanterns and an old Potting shed make up another area of this varied garden
10. Georgina: A well stocked vegetable garden, using raised beds
12. Nina and Mike: Lupins and a rest area in the North border
12. Nina and Mike: A variety of plants and bushes in the East border
12. Nina and Mike: Another example of a superb variety of flowers in the garden's borders
13. Nicky: Nicky welcoming visitors and in the foreground is the Well head, purchased by her Great Grandfather in Ballagio, Italy, on the 19th April 1913
13. Nicky; An unexpected bonus: A Collar Dove watching the visitors as it sits on its second clutch of eggs this year
13. Nicky: A border rich in Geraniums
14. Denise and Peter: Yellow Flag Irises growing in the front garden's pond
14. Denise and Peter: Another pond, this one in the inviting walled garden
14. Denise and Peter: The South border of the walled garden
15. Debbie and Geoff: A garden of views. At the bottom of the paddock the Frome meanders its way through the village
15. Debbie and Geoff: And plenty of room to include a refuge for Hedgehogs (And the sign says 'Shhhhhhhh......quiet please! We're sleeping in here')
15. Debbie and Geoff: From the terrace, a view down through the paddock
Pub Allotments: A raised bed of Runner beans
Pub Allotments: More raised beds beside the entrance to Back Lane
Compost Competition: Cathy and Phil's compost pit sits on edge the lower vegetable garden
Compost competition: The Church's compost pit includes a Hedgehog's nest
Compost competition: Sue and David's composts are on a three year cycle and include the use of sheep's fleece
Compost Competition: Julian and Jen's compost, tucked away in a secluded corner
Car Park duty: Terry directs another visitor to the entrance
Car Park duty: Phil sells more tickets for the Open Gardens
Plants for sale: Displayed on the village Boule pitch
All day Teas: Volunteers serve the never-ending stream of visitors