Parish Council

Open Spaces

Frome Valley Parish Council is the local parish council for Cattistock. It is a ‘grouped parish council’, which means that it also represents the parishes of Frome St Quintin and Chilfrome as well as the hamlets of Chalmington, Chantmarle, Holywell and Sandhills, parts of Wardon Hill and surrounding areas.

There are 12 spaces on the Parish Council.  Representatives for Cattistock, Frome St Quinton and Chilfrome form the current committee.   The Parish Council meets, as a rule, on the last Monday in the month in January, March, May, July, September and November. This does sometimes vary but details of the meeting dates are always available on the PC’s own Frome Valley Parish Council website. Meetings are held in the Savill Hall and start at 7pm.   Minutes of meetings are also held on their website. 

The Parish Council is supported by a part time Clerk, who can be contacted by email, or by telephone; 07814 016971. Please be aware that due to the part time nature of this role it may take a few days to get a response.

Parish Councillors play an important role in managing the Parish assets (this includes the Cattistock Community Space), setting the Parish precept and liaising with higher tier authorities regarding highways, various other services and have many other responsibilities.

Local members of the Parish Council include: Georgina Browning, Walter Lashbrook (Rights of Way), Ben Sennett, Dan Newman, Chris Ould. 

If you have an interest in joining or supporting the Parish Council, please do get in touch via the Parish Clerk, or come along to the public open forum at the beginning of each Parish Council meeting.

See below examples of local projects the Parish Council have helped with.

Mike Gardiner organised the building of a bridge over the stream at Sandhills