Open Spaces

On the Swings
A sunny day on the Slide
A chat over an ice-cream

Every Village needs one and ours just couldn’t be more central. This Open Space is situated opposite the Savill Hall and Pub – an ideal location for the many village activities it hosts.

Originally it was the School playground. With the closure of the School it was earmarked for housing but a far-sighted Parish Council at the time raised the funds to purchase the site from the County Council. Now it boasts a permanent children’s play area and still has plenty of room for other village activities such as the Village Fête, children’s sports and the Church’s annual “Praises in the Park” Service. A football kick about area is popular and the area is routinely used by anyone who wants an ad hoc open meeting area or just to relax over a picnic in this pretty area in the village centre.

The Parish Council owns the site and is responsible for safety and upkeep. The Community Space Committee leads on all other matters relating to the space including fundraising for new or replacement equipment. Once purchased any new equipment is taken on by the Parish Council which then assumes responsibility for its care and maintenance.

Contact:  Clerk to the Parish Council, Phone number: 07814 016971

Open Space Clean-up day and James gives a fresh lick of paint to the Obstacle Course
Luca ensures Pam properly treads down the new soil on a bare patch
Karen taking on painting the top of the swing frame
George getting down to adding a coat of preservative to the picnic table
Luca and Cleo add their weight to the task, as Lee brings another load of soil
 Wayne and Cheryl applying essential preservative to the Obstacle Course
Jakob and Oscar add some help to Grace painting the Roundabout
Ian receives a helping hand from Luca
Cleo and friend encouraging Esme as she unloads the wheelbarrow
The Big Tyre
Room for two on the Swing
Having a push on the Swing
Ian, Simon, Mark, Rupert, Richard, Peter and Wayne resiting the picnic table