Cattistock Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS)

The idea to form a drama group started in 2018, more than likely over a drink in the Fox and Hounds where the seed was planted. In early 2019 a couple of drama queens and I got together to have a chat about how to get things started and move forward. As we had different ideas between us we came to the conclusion that we wanted different things and so the idea came to a halt.

However,  the seed that was planted earlier decided to grow, and in September 2019 we had decided to form CADS, and our first play was to be a comedy, a stage version of the BBC wartime hit, ‘Allo ‘Allo. Roles had been allocated, and rehearsals begun when the Covid pandemic struck and the subsequent lockdown stopped all activity. We were able to pick up our scripts again in September 2021, with the production staged in February 2022. 

They say every cloud has a silver lining, and our lining took the form of Lee Ellaway who came to live in the village during the lockdown. Lee has years of theatrical experience, and soon agreed to be our producer/director. 

Having been suitably whipped into shape by Lee, the actors performed to sell out audiences over three nights in February 2022. 

CADS are now throwing ideas around for their next production and we hope to return to rehearsals when one is chosen. If there is anybody out there who is interested in getting involved in a performing, or non performing role, please get in touch by clicking on my name below to send me an email.

CADS would like to extend their sincere thanks and appreciation to all the cast and crew, and especially the audience and the village for great help and support.

We hope to see you again soon.

🙋Monique Taylor   

Mimi proves to be the perfect dummy for Capt Bertorelli's ventiloquist act
 René is aghast when the stranger discloses 'it is I, Leclerk'
Michelle encourages the ever romantic Capt Bertorelli, which even makes Herr Flick smile
So close to the ears of the Gestapo, the ever discrete Michelle says it only once
The ever attentive Helga attempts to persuade Herr Flick to stay for some free Champagne