The Carousel c 1908
Fete Day 2018 Silent Auction
Fete Day 2018 Bungee run

The Fete has been a central part of village life since records began, held in the community openspace/children’s play area in the centre of the village and very little had changed for many years. Today the fete remains an important part of village life but with a more modern twist. In recent years the fete has been more locally known as “The Fete Week” due to a number of special events held during the week leading up to fete day.

Historically (and we mean over the last 20 years or more) the money raised from the fete (and additionally from the Knob Fest in more recent years) has been distributed equally to 4 main beneficiaries (and others such as the Church, First Responders, Tennis Club, & WI, on an ad-hoc basis).

The 4 were:

• The Savill Hall
• The Cattistock & Maiden Newton Football Club
• The Cattistock Cricket Club
• The Open Space Committee (Playground)

The Knob Fest and Village Fete were separated in 2015 and the new Fete Committee agreed that a major percentage of its funds should be donated to the Cattistock Community Fund so that it was more widely available for village use. That said, the committee have also agreed there would be an amount of money set aside to come back to the villagers more immediately for special village projects.

The first sign of this has been the organisation of a large Christmas tree each year outside the village hall, suitably dressed with beautiful lights funded by the CCF.

In 2016 the Fete supported the Library project organised by Peter Farmer, where the Fete allocated £500 for the purchase of shelving for the church and cafe. Many villagers have subsequently used this popular facility, with books donated for the fete bookstall being utilised to keep the library refreshed.

In 2017 the project was the reinstatement of the old red telephone box outside the Fox & Hounds. The original telephone box has been purchased from fete funds and once all the necessary arrangements have been made it will house the defibrillator (itself paid for by the Knob Fest). This project will take some time before it can be completed.

For 2018/19, we proposed the project be the reinstatement of the old lamp that used to reside in the square. The base for this was kindly donated by the late Pam Hatcher and will be cleaned and repainted, but the standard and lamp will have to be fabricated from new, so watch this space, or for the lamp in the village.

Email: Wayne Briggs or phone 01300 321525.

Cattistock's Got Talent 2018 The Judges
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Cattistock's Got Talent 2018 A colourful duet