Community Hub

By the end of April 2023, the Ivy Tearoom, operating at the back of the village stores closed and we became aware, through conversations with both villagers and returning tourists, that its absence was keenly felt.

We believed some kind of meeting-place, a focus for people to gather would be of great benefit to the village and therefore, a meeting with members of the Savill Hall Committee was held on 10th August during which we discussed the outlines of our plan.

We also visited another successful and long-running Hub which operated weekly in Wool. The team there were most helpful, and we found much we could implement within our own ideas.

After discussion with members of the CCF, the shop volunteers, supported by Andy Hodder, owner of Cattistock Stores, agreed that we could receive some funding to set up our own hub. This funding is ring-fenced within the CCF for monies to be donated by the shop volunteers for worthy community projects.

Kind-hearted villagers stepped up and donated coffee machines and other items, whilst many individuals offered help in the running of the morning as well as producing delicious bakes on a weekly basis.

Currently, we have a rotating team of up to 8 people at a time and upwards of 5 bakers, as well as the kind people who aren’t rostered in but stay to clear away at the end.

The money raised each week is spent on replenishing supplies with the intention of purchasing a super-dooper commercial coffee machine, as well as hosting some other village events in the future.

Our long-term plan is to involve National bodies such as The Citizen’s Advice Bureau, as well as others. Our Police Community Support Officer, Sarah Pilcher     also attends on a monthly basis to chat to anyone with any concerns.

The amount of support received has been so heart-warming and we are so grateful.

Thank you.

Fiona Fulton and Louise Bradshaw.


And a very sincere ‘Thank you’, to Merrily Harpur, who generously created these two charming cartoons for the Community Hub’s website page.

Some people can usually be seen at front of shop, while other volunteers often operate behind the scenes, and together this team make every Friday morning special. 

Fiona and Louise
Steve and Colin
Steve, Louise, Colin, Nigel, Ann, Shelley and Fiona

Angela is kept busy serving delicious cakes, generously donated by volunteers from across the village.

The centrepiece of the Community Hub is bringing people together, from across the village, for a good chat with friends. Some have brought their well behaved four-legged friends, while others enjoy the atmosphere as they continue an interest, or try to triumph in a friendly game of chess. 

So why not come and  join us, every Friday at 10.00am.

All are welcome, including well behaved dogs.