Cattistock Community Fund

The Cattistock Community Fund continues to support funding of the Open Spaces playground
It is entirely due to the Cattistock Community Fund's support and generosity that we have this new website

The Cattistock Community Fund (CCF) is a centralised grant-making Fund for the benefit of residents living in the Parish of Cattistock. In 2016 the CCF was granted charitable status by the Charity Commission and continues to make grants to local organisations, events and community activities whilst building a substantial fund for future generations. All the monies received into the fund come from personal donations or from Village Fund raising activities.

CCF was created in 2011 simply as an avenue to encourage residents who shop on the internet to use the easyfundraising website and app to earn money for their village at no extra cost to themselves.

The Community Fund quickly grew, receiving funds from many village activities in addition to those raised through easyfundraising. Its scale and scope grew accordingly and the concept not only of making grants but also of growing a sustainable fund for future generations has become well established. It has become the model for village support and many a village would be happy to be in the position the CCF has brought to Cattistock.

Indeed, this Website has been 100% funded by the CCF

Please help support the Cattistock Community Fund by shopping online.

Use Easyfundraising to shop with over 3,500 retailers and, every time you shop, you’ll raise a free donation for the Cattistock Community Fund.

Find out more about easyfundraising’s contribution to the CCF by clicking the button below: 

If you would like to learn more or take an active role by becoming a Trustee or joining the Membership do contact Sally Wood secretary, or Wendy Gregory, Trustees Chairman.

The Lamp post is a great boost to the Churchyard and was entirely funded by the Cattistock Community Fund
Like so many local causes, the Cattistock Tennis Club have received significant funding from the Cattistock Community Fund
A Display Board shows everyone the support the CCF has given to a wide range of initiatives in Cattistock