Open Gardens

1 Sue: Upper lawn Rose bed
1 Sue: South facing flower bed
1 Sue: East facing flower bed
2. Barry and Rosie: Potting shed corner
2. Barry and Rosie: Bridge and Raised bed
 2. Barry and Rosie: Vegetable garden


Cattistock Virtual Open Gardens 2020! 

Our gardens have all felt the benefit of this lockdown so the Open Gardens Committee have decided to hold a “virtual” Open Gardens on the weekend of 13th& 14th June. There will be a chance to view some beautiful images taken in many gardens over this weekend, on this website from Monday 15th June.  We have included some photos of people’s compost heaps too as they are such a valuable haven for all kinds of wildlife!

Please also take a minute to visit the JustGiving Page link here.   We are collecting on behalf of Weldmar Hospicecare Trust, who like so many local charities, are finding these times particularly challenging.

Weldmar Hospicecare Trust cares for patients with cancer and other progressive conditions, such as motor neurone disease, who require specialist help. Patients in north, south and west Dorset have a seamless service, whether they need care and advice in their own homes, at the Inpatient Unit in Dorchester or at the Day services in Weymouth, Bridport and Shaftesbury community hospitals.

The organisation needs our help more than ever at the moment as their retail sites remain closed and many fundraising events have been cancelled, so if you have enjoyed viewing the Cattistock garden photos, please give generously via the JustGiving link.

Photos from this year’s Virtual Open Gardens event are shown on this page.. 


3. Ian and Wendy: When the day is done
 3. Ian and Wendy: The rear lawns and flower beds
3. Ian and Wendy: Behind the stables
4. Gill and Andy: Yoga corner
4. Gill and Andy: Winter boys
4. Gill and Andy: Butterfly arbour
 5. Jen and Julian: White Rambler at its peak
5. Jen and Julian: Monkey Puzzle trees  have been around for 200 million years and were introduced to the UK from South America in 1795
5. Jen and Julian: Every garden needs a shed
6. Gill and Alistair: Come in. Welcome!
6. Gill and Alistair: East facing flower bed
6. Gill and Alistair: Herb garden in the flower bed
7. Patrick and Tessa: View from the terrace to the east facing flower bed
7. Patrick and Tessa: Patio pots
7. Patrick and Tessa: Ferns around the pond
8. Pub Allotments: Adam
8. Pub Allotments: Barbara
8. Pub Allotments: Gemma
8. Pub Allotments: Mariana
8. Pub Allotments: Merrily
8. Pub Allotments: Richard
9. Jo: Lavender corner
9. Jo: Lavender Patio border
 9. Jo: Olive pot and Oxide daisies
10 Roma and Neil: Through the Blue door
10 Roma and Neil: Our suntrap
10 Roma and Neil: Neil's shed
11 Mary: From the entrance
11 Mary: Log shed with Sedum roof
11 Mary: My shady corner
12 Sally: Welcome to our garden
12 Sally: Patio steps and herb garden
12 Sally: Sally's sanctuary
13 Nigel: Don't make mistake cutting this
13 Nigel: Morning coffee
13 Nigel: Lunch
14 Marcus: South west facing border
14 Marcus: Colour themed borders foreground colours of blue, pink and purple beds, background yellow and orange beds
14 Marcus: Vegetable beds
15 Georgina: The Gardener's loo
15 Georgina: Lockdown Greengrocer
15 Georgina: View from my bedroom
16 Ann and Brian: Breakfast
16 Ann and Brian: Time for reflection
16 Ann and Brian: Tranquility
17 Ruth: Darcy and Grandad
17 Ruth: Alfresco lunch
17 Ruth: Meditative Winchester Cathedral and Queen of Sweden
18 Maggie and Sean: Bird table corner
18 Maggie and Sean: Summer flowers
18 Maggie and Sean: West facing wall
19 Julia: Heather's hen house
19 Julia: Paddy's retreat
19 Julia: Arch to the River Frome
20 Sheila and Terry: Through the arch and into the secret garden
20 Sheila and Terry: Firepit and patio garden
20 Sheila and Terry: A place for a well deserved rest