Manor Farm

The entrance to Manor Farm
Our Manor Farm neighbours: Helen, Dan, Bertie, Pearce and Tillie (plus Oswald and Bear) - read about them on this page
Newman Farming Partnership


Born in Dorset to a family who have farmed in Cattistock country since the early 1600s, Dan Newman now farms in partnership with his wife, Helen and son Bertie. They farm a commercial organic and conventional suckler herd comprising 400 head of cattle and a sheep flock of 1500 ewes. The extensively managed all grass farm of 1600 acres, part rented and part owned is split over 4 farms in West Dorset. Their daughter, Tillie has recently returned from working in New Zealand and is currently helping during the lambing season.

They moved from Chantmarle Farm to Manor Farm, Cattistock in July 2017, when they purchased the farm, which they had previously rented for 20 years on a temporary basis from the Creswell family. In the year since they purchased the farm, buildings have been erected to house the cattle in the winter months and they have renovated the bungalow where they now live. Bertie lives at the top of the farm at Hill Barn.

Pearce, who lives in Cerne Abbas joined the team on October 2018 and helps them on the farm on a full-time basis.

February 2021 note:

Bertie Newman has become Young Farmer of the Year for 2020. Read the details in the attached extract from the Farmers Weekly magazine.

The new barn, holding rolled barley, next door to the straw
The daily scraping out of the indoor feed passages
Muck from the daily clean out is stored in bunkers, before being spread over the fields in the Spring


 Winter 2020

  • The 2020 Harvest is now complete – The organic barley grown on the farm is fed to the fattening cattle in the buildings, the straw is used as bedding for the cattle.


  • Some cattle came into the buildings both here and at Sydling in November, where they are fed each day on Silage and Barley. The feed passages are scraped out daily, the cattle are freshly bedded up and water troughs checked. The muck is stored for a short time in the bunkers by the buildings, then moved to heaps in various fields ready to spread in the spring to help the grass and spring crops grow. Muck is our organic fertiliser. The cattle are weighed once a month to monitor their liveweight gains.


  • The sheep stay out all winter and are happy on grass. The Rams went in with the ewes on 5th November, hopefully the ewes will shortly be in-lamb and due on 01st The lambs born in 2020 have grazed all summer, are weighed regularly to monitor progress, some are sold, with the final one’s going before March.


  • Hedge-trimming started in late Autumn, some hedges are only trimmed every other year to comply with the Organic and Stewardship specifications.


Those of you who read the Farmers Weekly will note a company with whom he has been helping to develop an electronic cattle trading/weighing/movement platform put Bertie forward for Young Farmer of the Year. He is in the top 3 finalists; the finals are in the New Year – we are all immensely proud of his achievements.

If you are interested in the Manor Farm page, and would like to know more about the farm, please contact Peter Farmer.

 Fresh straw bedding is provided to the cattle held indoors
The organic Barley rolled, ready for feeding to the cattle
Bertie spreading the hay, ready for the barley to be added
Bertie adding the daily feed of organic barley to the hay
Angus-Friesan cross cattle eating hay and barley
Charolais-Angus-Friesian cross cattle eating the hay and rolled barley
4 month old Angus-Friesian cross calves, now eating silage
Romsey rams, brought to the farm this year to service the Cheviot ewes, ready for next year's lambing season
Pearce beginning the task of cutting the mixed hedges