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The entrance to Manor Farm
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Quarterly Update June 2019


The lambing period is a real team effort and absorbed all our time during April. Apart from a couple of very wet and cold days, when we lost several lambs, the season was good. The lambs were then tagged and the sheep split into different groups in various locations to grow.

Once lambing finished, calving started. The calves are also tagged, which can be tricky when their mothers are so protective.

The majority of the cattle were turned out in May. The growing cattle move fields every 3-4 days to optimise the nutrients, encourage grass growth and help prevent worm issues.   Bertie measures the grass growth with a Platemeter.

We had a whole herd TB Test performed by the vets at the beginning of June, which took 4 days, this is a legal requirement. We had 6 cows that had inconclusive tests and they are now isolated from the rest of the herd – these will be retested.

Open Farm Sunday was a huge success, it was lovely to see so many from the village.

As an AHDB Strategic Farm, Bertie also had a farm meeting here In June, AHDB and other farmers came to discuss the business and look at the farm. Ideas and policies are shared.

Bertie & Pearce were also busy Silaging in May. In simple terms Silage is grass that is cut, baled and wrapped to “pickle” the fodder ready to feed during the winter. The mower is out again as I type, mowing grass for Hay whilst the sun shines.

You will see a lot of tractors on the road, not just from us but from all the farms in the area who are busy making food for next winter. Please be patient with them, they are rarely going far and will usually turn off before you need to.

It is such a gorgeous time of year, Dorset is looking glorious ..” England’s green and pleasant land”

In addition to images from the above activities, we have also included photos of the sheep sheering and treatment of the lambs, both of which took place during June.

We hope you enjoy these updates of what is happening on the farms in the area. We will provide another update in three months time.



The end of March and Bertie rolls Mushroom Field, ready to sow the Barley
Ben from S C Marsh drills and sows the Barley seed in Mushroom field and Observer's field
 The Barley at two weeks
Mid May and the 6 week old Barley is growing well
The third week of May and almost ready to cut
Cutting Barley in Observer's Field, above Cattistock
Pearce brings the trailer alongside for another load of Barley
The shadows are lengthening but the cutting is now almost complete
Bertie sets the stanchion for an expanded seed store
The third week of August and an excellent yield of organic Barley is in the Manor Farm store
A Vet cutting the hair to allow accurate measurements
Injecting the tuberculin serum in the shaved area of skin
Bertie spraying a lamb to prevent orf
Measuring the thickness of skin before the injection
Checking for a reaction 3 days after the initial serum injection
Bertie drenching a lamb to prevent worms
Open Farm Day 2019 A young expert points out some facts to his Dad, Adam
 Dan folding a fleece before packing
Open Farm Day 2019 Jenny and daughter watch Helen feed an orphan lamb
Ed, Henry and Ed shearing and Dan clearing the fleeces
Open Farm Day 2019 Dan weighs Donna and Andy in a Crush
Ed shearing yet another Ewe
Dan raking the hay into windrows, ready for bailing
Pearce gathering the windrows to create the familiar bales of hay
A Strategic Farming Group being hosted by Bertie at Manor Farm