Refuse & Recycling

Peter's team of litter pickers, ready for action
Peter finds a range of litter in the Open Spaces area
Simon and Wayne (with broken arm) tackle the right hand verge of Stags Folly

Refuse and recycling involves us all. We enjoy the benefits when it is done well, but we all get frustrated or annoyed when we see rubbish discarded carelessly or usable materials not properly recycled.

Some of the images on this page act as a reminder of the consequences of when Refuse and Recycling is not dealt with properly, but more positively there are also images that remind us of how easy it is to dispose of all types of rubbish and how to recycle useful, reusable materials properly.

We live in a beautiful part of England, so let’s all help to keep it that way.

Website links that may be useful are as follows:

Refuse and Recycling collection days

Dorchester Recycling Centre

Bridport Recycling Centre

Dot and Cheryl at the top of West End
Sally (and Truffle) find another tin down Kennel Lane
Helen and Tony nearing the end of Duck Street
Stags Folly and Sheila starts at the top of the hill
Neil gets down to yet more litter in Stags Folly
Tyres, an awful sight in our hedgerows
Recycle day and all is ready for collection
Another bin full of useful materials goes for recycling
Glass bottles, a positive contribution to recycling
There are plenty of these around
Batteries ready to be safely disposed of
We dog owners also have a positive role to play