Easter Treats Bags

Helen, Roma and Barbara putting goodies into pretty delivery bags
Cathy organising the bags and children's Easter cards into the 7 Groups

The Cattistock Community had yet another amazing occasion on Easter Monday.  Every household in the village was given an Easter Treat Bag, together with a handmade Easter card.  This gesture of Easter kindness could not have taken place without the very hard work put in by all the volunteers and children in the village, plus a little help from the Cattistock Community fund in supplying the incidentals.

The day started with many volunteers delivering a huge selection of goodies to the pub where a team spent several hours dividing up the food and packing it into very pretty bags.  At the allotted time these bags and Easter cards were brought to various drop-off points in the village and were then delivered to each household by the Cattistock children, with the support of parents and volunteers.  They were closely followed around by Peter, who was busy taking many photos of the surprised and smiling faces as people opened their doors to receive their bag and card.

Overall, deliveries were made to 195 households by approximately 20 children.

Inside the bags was a selection of wonderful home-made savouries and cakes which had been made by 23 volunteers.  The selection of treats was as follows:

Brownies, cupcakes, Easter simnel cake, sausage rolls, mini cheesecakes, almond financiers, Easter cakes, blueberry tea cakes, mini quiches, lemon drizzle, coconut bounties, rocky roads, gingerbread men and women, cheese straws, choc biscuit cakes, choc chip banana loaf, flapjacks, cornflake cupcakes, Easter biscuits, chocolate bunnies, mini muffins, American chocolate chip cookies, millionaire shortbread.

The cards which accompanied the goody bags were drawn by a number of children and, in particular, Ariane’s children, who spent many hours producing them.

The organisers of this well-co-ordinated event were:

Ariane, Cathy, Barbara, Roma, Helen. They were ably supported by Neil, Phil, Chris and Ian, who positioned the tables round the village and transported the goody bags to these drop-off points.

A huge thank you to all the organisers, volunteers and children who gave so much of their time to bring Easter happiness to everyone in Cattistock.


The lads setting up the group distribution points. Neil and Ian set up Group 2's table, although Phil is finding it a little difficult to keep up
Ian delivering Group 4's bags and cards to Terry and Sheila
Ariane providing details to Alexander, Aurélie, Mel and Ellis before deliveries commence
Herbie accepting his Easter gift and card from Ellis
Alexander delivering an Easter gift and card to Rowena
Cécilie delivers a pleasant Easter surprise in Meadow Close
Beth, and Rose recieve their Group 5 bags and cards from Ian
 Lily leaves a bag and a card at a safe social distance for David to collect
 Mary is very pleased to recieve her Easter bag and card from Lily
Jenny, Ann, Tilly, Ruben and Julia preparing to make the Group 4 deliveries
Shelly (and particularly Pepper) are delighted to receive her suprise Easter pack and card from Tilly and Ruben
Barbara's turn to enjoy a surprise visit from Tilly and Ruben
 Linda is very pleased with her Easter bag and card from Tilly and Ruben - who is already looking towards his next delivery
Tilly and Ruben leave a delighted Edo, with his bag of goodies and an Easter card from the children
Ariane takes Aurélie, Alexander and Tore through some information for when they make their deliveries
Aurélie presents Jenny with her Easter goodies and card
 Christine is very pleased to receive her presnts from Alexander and Tore
Sally is delighted with her visit from Aurélie (and prepares to give Aurélie a little Thank you gift)
Lyn's turn to recieve a goodie bag and Easter card, delivered by Lila and Yasmine
Yasmine and Lila give Cathy a lovely Easter surprise
 Jo is delighted with her Easter card and goodie bag from Lila and Yasmine
It's that man again - but this time Ian is the very happy recipient of an Easter card and pack
 Luca and Jakob's turn to deliver their Pack of goodies and an Easter card
Eve is watched by Luca and Jacob as she picks up her goodie bag and card
 And occasionally there was no one at home, so a surprise was left on the doorstep for when the owner returned

And finally, to round off this wonderful event, please see just a small selection of the feedback that has been received from across this very grateful village:

Thank you for our lovely Easter sweet treat goody bag… such a fab idea! ❤️👏🏼 

A MASSIVE thank you for the wonderful bags of goodies that greeted me on my return from seeing my son and his family in Wiltshire.  You’re all amazing – the bakers, the organisers and of course the children.  It was a wonderful gesture.👏👏👏

I’ve just found an adorable parcel on the door step  thanks so much little people in the village how adorable xx

Such a great idea and well organised.  My children really enjoyed delivering the treats x

Yes that was a lovely thing to come home too!Delicious treats inside!Thanks so much!🙏🙏😊😊❤️❤️

Thanks for lovely cakes and cards. So much hard work and organisation.

Thank you to all involved in the Easter goodies delivered today, really enjoyed them. Much appreciated. 🐰🐰

Thank you everyone for the yummy treats waiting for us in our post box and the Easter card from Alexander!  Happy Easter 🐣🐰💐xx

Thank you so much for the Easter goody bag lovely surprise! This village is amazing! ❤️




Spaghetti Bolognese and Profiterols

Liz and Donna preparing the Spaghetti Bolognese
Liz serves up another batch of al dente Spaghetti
Donna ladeling some of her delicious Bolognese sauce onto the Spaghetti
The first meals are packaged, ready for delivery

Following on from the success of the 17th February, the village has again provided free meals to people from across the community. The meals were funded by the Cattistock Community Fund and, due to the hours put in by Donna, Roma, Liz and Barbara, 63 superb 2 course meals were produced and delivered by the Cattistock volunteers.

This time the meal consisted of Donna’s Spaghetti Bolognese, followed by Roma’s Profiteroles. The meals were delivered from the Fox & Hounds to people in the community as a display of consideration and support from the Cattistock village, or simply as an act of kindness in what has been a testing time for everyone.

Yet again, Cattistock shows itself at its best.

194 Profiterols packed and named for delivery
A close-up of one of the delicious Profiterols
Jenny delivering some of the nine meals to Group 1 recipients
Ilene on her way with a batch of meals for Group 3
Group 2 deliveries being made by Ariane
And Sarah also delivering to Group 2
Jenny, Chris and Gypsy delivering the remaining meals to Group 3
Adam and Sheila on their way to Group 4

Cottage Pie and peas supper

Donna and Liz ready to prepare the take-aways
Cathy and Barnie, ready to delivering outside the village
Roma delivering to the Square
Barbara delivering to Rectory Gardens

Reflecting on what people everywhere have recently been going through, Cathy, Roma and Barbara thought how beneficial it would be to provide a hot meal to those who would benefit across our community, either as help to those people who needed it, or simply as a gesture of kindness . The suggestion was also supported by Eileen Laidler, who had heard of two other areas where a local vicar had organised the delivery of hot meals. The idea was immediately taken up at the Fox and Hounds by Liz, Scott and Donna, who decided to cook and supply Cottage Pie and peas free to anyone who wanted one.

And so, only five days later, on a cold and wet February evening, the meals were made ready and volunteers from across the village were organised by Barbara to deliver hot Cottage Pie and peas to over 40 happy people.

The logistics had to be just right, with only a 5 minute time slot between each batch being delivered. Representatives from each of Cattistock’s 6 volunteer groups, plus Katherine, Cathy and Vicki for deliveries outside Cattistock, carried anything between 2 and 6 meals at a time, to ensure they arrived still piping hot. 

On this particular evening the representatives from the 6 volunteers groups were as follows:

Group 1 is Beach Tree/Top of Village = Ann 

Group 2 is  West End = Sarah and Ariane 

Group 3 is Rectory Gardens, South Drive, The Square = Roma and Barbara 

Group 4 is Meadow View/Close = Adam 

Group 5 is Cattistock Road/Kennel Lane = Jacqueline 

Group 6  is Duck Street = Alex and Gemma 

So yet again Cattistock has shown itself to be so thoughtful and supportive to others across the community  – a great effort by everyone involved.

Sarah delivering to West End
Ann delivering to Beech Tree and the top of the village
Ariane delivering to West End
Adam delivering to Meadow View
Katherine about to deliver meals outside Cattistock
Alex delivering to Duck Street
Joy, welcoming the delivery from Alex
Herbie receiving his Cottage Pie and peas from Adam
Dave, very happy to receive his pie and peas
Christine and Ian delighted to receive their supper from Roma
Jack has just received his Cottage Pie and peas from Ann
Donna preparing the final take-away