The call was to enable groups to reflect on what we had all been doing in our communities.  It was great that so many came along to share experiences.   Reflections included – ‘We could never have anticipated the amount of generosity from so many people who have been volunteering their time and energy to help those people who could not leave their homes with shopping, dog walking, prescription, food parcels to name but a very few.   Groups were set up in next to no time and hit the ground running.  All of us had to learn to live in a very different way and extremely quickly.’

Across the groups, like ours in Cattistock, who registered with the Community Action Forum – it was estimated that nearly 4000 residents who were shielding had support from within their local community, with over 1500 people registering to be part of a volunteer group.   Most re-assuring was, as we know in Cattistock, so many of those people wish to continue to help where it is needed over the months ahead.

Just as a reminder, there is still support and help in the village for anyone – a friendly phone call, picking up prescriptions, shopping from the store or a takeaway from the pub – anything you may need help with.

Please continue to make contact for any type of help or support by either:

  1. Leaving a ‘contact me’ message on the Cattistock Website by clicking here.
  2. Leaving a comment on the Cattistock and surrounding villages Facebook Page
  3. Call Barbara on 01300 320875 to find out who is close to you that can help.

Help and Kindness – If you, or someone you know, needs any level of help, please also consider the following services from the attached links.

Barbara Evans

Cattistock Community Volunteer Group