Monday 29 August is the Bank Holiday. 

The Maiden Newton Ring and Ride service (01305 228965) is run by Dorset Council’s passenger services, to Dorchester on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The bus leaves Maiden Newton Old School at 10.00 returning from Trinity Street at 13.00 or earlier if passengers agree.  Ring before 15.00 on  Mondays and Wednesdays to book. These buses will start at Cattistock Square by request at booking. Fares £2.50 single £5 return. Children half price.  The number of people using this service has fallen.  Please try to make use of this if you have to go to Dorchester instead of driving yourself.  Reduce carbon emissions.

Dorset Community Transport (01258 287980), a private company, also offer  2 services from Maiden Newton each week and a third twice a month. To use any of these services you must be registered  with the Company and  then book your seat, and arrange your pick up point, before 1430 on the day before you want to travel.   Each adult return fare is  £7 on all 3 services. DCT  now  accepts the national pensioner concessionary bus passes. 

Every Wednesday to Dorchester The bus, from Broadwindsor to Dorchester, passes through Maiden Newton about  9.50. The return service leaves Trinity Street at 13.00. or earlier.  Ring by 14.30 on Tuesdays to book your seat and confirm your pick up point.  

Thursdays 11 and 25 August to Yeovil  The bus leaves the Dorchester Road stop at 09.28  and the War Memorial at 09.30.   The drop off point is close to M&S and the return service leaves from the same place at 12.30. Book by 14.30 on Wednesday and confirm your pick up point. 

Every Friday to Bridport  The bus leaves the War Memorial at 09.15 and the return service leaves Bridport about 12.30. Book by 14.30 on Thursdays  and confirm your pick up point.         


TRAINS   The Summer Time table operates from 15 May till 10 September

From Maiden Newton to Dorchester and Weymouth
Monday to Friday     0758    1037    1137    1337    1643     1843    1940   2246                                                                      

Saturdays                   0753  1001  1032  1105   1136   1336  1533    1637   1853    1943    2243                                                      

Sundays                      1027   1130   1337  1526   1940  2243                   

From Dorchester West to and from Maiden Newton to Yeovil, Westbury. Bath and Bristol

Monday to Friday                                                                 

From Dorchester West  0539     0655    0903   1125   1325        1508  1743  2028   

From Maiden Newton    0551    0707    0915   1139   1339  1527  1755  2040           


From Dorchester West  0651   0859   1124       1224   1323    1623   1741   1841   1955    2033

From Maiden Newton    0704   0912   1137    1237   1336    1636   1754   1854   2008    2046


From Dorchester West  0817   1117   1422   1623   1806    2023

From Maiden Newton    0830   1130   1435   1636   1818    2035

Access to the Dorchester Skate Park at the junction of Maumbury Road and Weymouth Avenue is free but remember that you will need a return ticket if you use the trains to get to and from Dorchester.

Country Cars.  Please ring 07833 074423 for making bookings requesting help with transport to the surgery, hospital  appointments, dentists or opticians or to attend COVID and ‘flu vaccinations.  

Please give at least 24 hours notice.  This change has been necessary as Rachael is not well.

Sally Falkingham Maiden Newton and Frome Valley Parish Councils Transport Rep. (01300 320969)