Skittling, Dorset style
First ball of three

The Fox and Hounds hosts several skittle teams in the skittle alley at the back of the pub.  This popular and very social game is played mainly over the darker months; a great opportunity to meet people and hone a skill.  There are two main leagues played here; the Beaminster and District Skittles League and the Cattistock Hunt Supporters’ Club Skittles League.  The former play on Thursday evenings with the latter on Wednesdays.   A match fee is paid for each game and this generally covers the cost of a simple post game meal.   

There are other teams that play over the season and the Fox and Hounds (01300 320444) can help advise with this as well as booking the alley for your own skittle team. 

To find out more how to join the teams, contact can be made with the secretary of each league. 

Scoring for the home side
Sticking up, ready for the next player