Cattistock Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS)

Edith making a wonderful spectacle of herself for the German visitors - while René, Yvette and Mimi have seen it all before
René patiently struggles to follow yet another of Officer Crabtree's fluent French conversations

CADS (Cattistock Amateur Dramatic Society) will perform ‘Allo ’Allo on a date yet to be decided. This postponement is due to the restrictions imposed because of the Coronavirus outbreak.


The idea to form a drama group started in 2018, more than likely over a drink in the Fox and Hounds where the seed was planted. In early 2019 a couple of drama queens and I got together to have a chat about how to get things started and move forward. As we had different ideas between us we came to the conclusion that we wanted different things and so the idea came to a halt.

However,  the seed that was planted earlier decided to grow, and as I started talking to other friends about starting a drama group, I was surprised that they were up for it. I had recently heard about a play that I thought would make a great first production for our soon to be drama group. Throughout the summer of 2019, word soon spread around Cattistock, and in early September a small group got together for the 1st time in the Oak room in the pub to discuss the play to be performed and what we would call ourselves? 

Having decided on our play,  it did not take long to recruit volunteers to play the various roles and soon rehearsals were well on the way and are going along nicely. 

We are hoping to recruit more players and volunteers so CADS will be firmly established and we can put on other plays in the future.

🙋Monique Taylor   

Mimi proves to be the perfect dummy for Capt Bertorelli's ventiloquist act
 René is aghast when the stranger discloses 'it is I, Leclerk'
Michelle encourages the ever romantic Capt Bertorelli, which even makes Herr Flick smile
So close to the ears of the Gestapo, the ever discrete Michelle says it only once
The ever attentive Helga attempts to persuade Herr Flick to stay for some free Champagne
A typical stage full of 'Allo 'Allo intrigue, improvisation and humour
René suggests that perhaps on this occasion he may decline a ride in Lieutenant Gruber's tank
Col von Strohm enjoys some personal service from Yvette, while Capt Bertorelli waits his turn
LeClerk explains the latest plot to René, while Yvette listens in
Our multilingual Prompter, Sheila, testing one of the props
Michelle peeping from the wings, as Edith chats to Colonel von Strohm and Officer Crabtree, while Yvette pours René a drink as he rehearses some of his many lines with Helga and Herr Flick
René, Yvette, Mimi and and Georgina take their turn for a little corpsing during the early rehearsals
LeClerk talking with Colonel von Strohm and Officer Crabtree, while Mimi and Yvette practice their lines, while René......not altogether sure what René is doing