The library holds a wide selection of books
Simon and Chris giving the library a spring clean

The village library has been running since January 2016 and was introduced to compensate for the removal of the mobile library service.
The library has been set up in two locations: one part is in the village church and the other part is in the village Tea Room.

Books are shared between the two locations, so our library service is available seven days a week.

The library includes fiction and non-fiction, including such subjects as gardening, cooking, history, biographies, novels and children’s books.
Anyone may borrow a book or two at any time but we do ask that the library is used responsibly and with consideration to others
The books can be borrowed for as long as needed.

The books are sourced from the hundreds that are given to the village every year. Those not used in the library are put up for sale at the Cattistock Village Fete, with any surplus being given to the Weldmar Hospicecare Trust.

The village library is for everyone, so please use it and enjoy it.

For more information please contact Peter Farmer on 01300 320965.