The library holds a wide selection of books
Simon and Chris giving the library a spring clean

Cattistock Community Library update

With so many facilities reopening in the near future, we thought it timely to bring everyone up-to-date with the availability of the community library. There are some changes in progress, the details of which are as follows:

  • There will no longer be a library section in the Cattistock Tea Room.
  • The St Peter and St Paul Church comes under the Diocese of Salisbury. Under regulations issued from Salisbury the Cattistock Church’s section of our library will be temporarily closed. We will keep you informed of any future developments.
  • A recent, exciting development is that Scott and Liz from the Fox and Hounds are very keen to set up a section of the library in the Oak Room. Access will naturally be limited to opening hours, but both Scott and Liz are doing all they can to help us set up this new section of the library. We hope to open this part of the library in the very near future.

We are preparing to make the library open again to the Cattistock community as soon as possible and part of this preparation is a review of the range of books we have available to lend. We want to offer popular subjects and the highest quality books possible.

An important request: please do not leave donated books either in the Church or in the Oak Room of the Fox and Hounds. We are always very grateful for any donations of books, but do please contact any of us and we will make arrangements to collect the books from you.

We hope you continue to enjoy using the community library and do please contact any of us on any aspect of the library.

For more information please contact Peter Farmer on 01300 320965, Simon Goodall on 320570, or Chris Bond on 07812544242