Photos from The Cattistock Hunt Supporters’ Club Dog Show, held on Sunday the 4th July

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Fancy dress time and the Lion Trainer has the Lion under good control
 PC Dennis meets the Lion
 The eventual winner is the sheep, who is having a problem keeping its ears on
Owners getting ready to show their dogs to the judges
World famous Barney displaying his rolling over trick
The technical difficulty of the roll over trick wins Barney a second prize rosette
Blue receives a reminder about all those hours of training
Blue gets another strict reminder, just to make sure
Blue gives the Judge one of his loving, innocent looks
And sure enough, a proud family can celebrate Blue winning a second placed blue rosette
Gypsy looking around before being presented to the judges
The judges take careful note as Coco is put through his paces
A typical Dog Show scene, with Judges judging, dogs displaying, spectators watching and dogs relaxing as they play
A great line up of twins
A Judge is intrigued as to how many classes Dennis has entered
 It maybe raining, but Dennis is up for trying at another class
The final class competition, the dogs are ready but Dennis has to be turned around
And Dennis gets turned around again
And again
The owners' disappointed faces says it all as they realise they must be content with the single rosette they already have
Adoring dogs and adoring owners
Three friends together: Barney, Blue and Truffle, who is tired and ready for home