Ivy’s Corner Tearoom Cattistock

Bright and early on her first morning, Suzanne takes a freshly baked batch of sausage rolls from the oven
Customers at the 'Christmas at Cattistock Stores' enjoying a chat in the Tea Room

Hello to my lovely customers.  Spring is on its way, and I can feel a positive vibe in the air.

I will be starting work on my outside space very soon, and the theme is flowers, colours and peace!  (Any donations of artificial flowers for me to create a wall of flowers outside will be greatly appreciated) and rewarded with a coffee.

Currently, I am providing home-made soup in the Cattistock Store, along with sandwiches and sub rolls, sausage rolls and bacon cheese pastries in the Maiden Newton Store.

As the soup comes to an end towards the spring, I will be starting some summer menu ideas. There will be a gorgeous Cream Tea, with real Strawberries.  I am also planning to offer a Picnic Basket for anyone planning a special outdoors treat – this is still at the planning stage! 

There will soon be some table top games available for anyone who wants to play, (I will do my best to join in if someone else makes the coffee). This idea has originated from chats to some of my regular customers.  I have researched the idea and it is actually quite successful. I would appreciate any game ideas please. If this idea becomes popular we could maybe create a group or have a games day?

I will be extending my opening hours around the spring time but I have not yet decided exactly what these will be, so please watch out for this information nearer the time.

The tea room is available for hire for a very reasonable rate.  It has the capacity for 18 seated people so is perfect for most types of groups, including arts, crafts, reading or meals.

I am so very grateful to work in such a beautiful village with lovely supportive villagers!!

See you soon 

Suzanne x


Another Thursday meeting of MI5 (sometimes MI6, 7 or 8): Peter, Steve, Roger, Brian and Dave
A pretty setting for a teatime treat
Whatever your preference: jam on cream, or cream on jam
A fond memory of Ivy, Suzanne's Grandmother