Poetry Group

The Poetry Group

Aim: the aim of the group is to support and encourage each member to write poems towards publishable standard

How organised:
This group has been active nearly 10 years. Many members have had poems published in magazines, anthologies and pamphlets, have performed at festivals of national importance and have been shortlisted and/won prestigious awards. Poems from the Oak Room, an anthology of members’ poems was published by Flagon Press.

Anyone wishing to join should contact Annie Freud. Currently there are 11 members. However it unusual for so many to be present at meetings.

The group is tutor-led and usually starts with a reading and discussion of a published poem by a recognised author. Members bring (typed) copies of their own poem so that the rest of the group can read it, make notes etc. After each one is read aloud, this is followed by a discussion on whether, and how, the poem succeeds in finding its ‘mark’, and ideas are put forward to help the author make it work better.

The meetings are quite informal. Care is taken by the tutor to ensure that the atmosphere in the group is one of respect, safety and good humour.

The tutor regularly gives advice by email on routes to publication, such as magazine submissions, competitions, websites, useful organisations and publishers, as well information about newly published collections.

Members are asked to contribute £5.00 per session.

Cattistock Poets regularly holds public readings, welcomes guest poets and members also organise writing workshops and readings in the local area.

The discussions are always lively and exhilarating.

Name: Cattistock Poets

Contact Name: Annie Freud

Contact Number: 07759033471

Contact email: anniefreud7@gmail.com

Activity Details: we meet regularly on a Tuesday evening to share and discuss new poems by group members

Venue: the Oak Room at the Fox and Hounds pub in Cattistock.

Time: 7.30pm to 10.00pm

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